Staying safe in Cape Town and Johannesburg: top 5 safety tips

16 May 2018 When travelling to any city in the world it is always important to be aware of a few basic safety tips in order to ensure a pleasurable trip. Whether you are visiting Johannesburg or Cape Town, here are our top tips to stay safe:

1. Be prepared for your visit

Do some research about the areas you will stay in and be visiting. Buy a map, plan your mode of transport and stick to your designated route. Also prepare yourself for any unforeseen weather changes.

2. Travel with other people

Always go for hikes and outings in a group and make sure you let someone know where you are going and when you will return.

3. Call for help in emergencies

Be sure to save emergency numbers on your phone, and make sure you have enough battery power in case you need to make an important call.

4. Protect your belongings

Always be vigilant of your bags and belongings, especially in big crowds. Never carry large amounts of money and don’t display valuables on your person. It is also a good idea to keep copies of important documents such as passports and flight tickets in your pocket, with the original documents stored away safely at your holiday accommodation.

5. Take care of the local wildlife

If you encounter any wild animals on your visit you should never try to touch or feed one, no matter how calm or peaceful they look. Enjoy them from afar, but leave them undisturbed in their habitats. If you see an animal that seems to be distressed, do not try to help it yourself, but rather contact the relevant authorities.