5 #RedBusSA hints and tips to remember

01 November 2016

The red bus is a safe and secure way to see Cape Town and Joburg. And while we try our very best to ensure all our passengers are well looked after while they hop on and off, we can’t keep an eye out for you once you’ve hopped off to explore a stop.

In an effort to ensure you have a good journey from start to finish, we’ve put together a list of useful hints and tips for all red bus passengers.

Here are five to remember:

1. City Sightseeing stops are clearly marked with signage, and indicated in our brochures and on our website

2. Red bus staff wear a branded City Sightseeing uniform – if they are not appropriately dressed, they don’t work for us. They are stationed at our tour offices, on our buses and at select stops

3. Keep your wallet and valuable items in a safe place at all times and remain aware of what is happening around you

4. Do not allow strangers to assist you in any way at ATMs and do not divulge your PIN to anyone

5. Although our buses mostly operate during daytime, you should take special precautions at lonely lookout points at dusk or after dark – remember, safety in numbers