Our V&A Waterfront tour office is getting a facelift

24 June 2016

Our tour office at the V&A Waterfront (just outside the Two Oceans Aquarium) is currently under construction for an exciting makeover. Here’s what you need to know.

How long will our tour office be under construction?

Over the next four months we’ll be working around the clock to make our tour office is bigger and better for red bus passengers.

Can I still buy tickets at the stop?

Of course you can! In the interim, we’ve moved into a big red container situated just outside the V&A Waterfront’s trendy Watershed.

You can also buy your tickets at 81 Long Street (stop 5). There, you can grab a delicious cup of coffee at Kamili and pop in at our Travel Depot while you wait for your bus. Or buy your tickets online and save.

Look out for our red bus signage as you exit or enter the Watershed

Our ticket office has a temporary new home – a big red container

Will buses still arrive and depart from just outside the Two Oceans Aquarium?

Yes, our buses will still stop in the same spot for passengers to hop on and hop off.

Our red buses will still collect and drop off passengers just outside the Two Oceans Aquarium

Keep an eye out for our signage if you get lost, and remember to check our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for live updates.