City Sightseeing launches Travel Depot in Cape Town

01 September 2015 | Zimkhitha Sulelo

Cape Town Tourism front desk has all the information you need

We’ve expanded our very busy Long Street office to include a Travel Depot, where locals and visitors can access a variety of experiences available in the city and beyond. The idea is for passengers to hop off the red bus and have full access to these experiences – they can then book them on the spot without any hassles.

Located in the heart of the city centre, on the corner of Shortmarket and Long streets, the Travel Depot will offer helicopter rides, ziplining, shark cage-diving and more. It will showcase the best travel experiences the Cape has to offer, and provide general tourist information.

We caught up with the brains behind Travel Depot, marketing and sales manager at City Sightseeing South Africa Mandi Jarman, for more information on what to expect at the Travel Depot.

What inspired the Travel Depot?

Most of the passengers who catch our buses use them as an orientation tour; they catch the bus to get a feel for the land and then move on to do other things in the city. So we decided that a Travel Depot is the perfect opportunity to give them information on other things that can be done in and around the city. All they have to do is get off the bus in Long Street and come downstairs for more information.

What can people expect from the Travel Depot?

Basic tourism information provided by Cape Town Tourism, and specific information on safaris in the Western Cape, shark cage-diving, unique photographic tours, backpacker information, helicopter tours, ziplining and forest adventure tours. There is so much more.

The Travel Depot is also a space where travellers can recharge their cellphone batteries and refresh before their next adventure. We will be profiling our tenants over the next few weeks for more information on the services they offer. For now you can visit them at our offices.

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