Experience the Majesty of Hermanus and its Whales

April 2024

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure along the scenic coast of South Africa? Look no further than the Cape Town Hermanus Explorer Tour offered by City Sightseeing Cape Town. This tour promises a breathtaking journey from the vibrant city of Cape Town to the charming town of Hermanus, renowned as one of the best whale-watching destinations in the world. Join us as we delve into the wonders of Hermanus and the awe-inspiring marine life that graces its shores.

Discovering Hermanus: A Coastal Gem

Nestled along the shores of Walker Bay, Hermanus is a picturesque coastal town renowned for its natural beauty, warm hospitality, and, most notably, its incredible whale watching opportunities. With its stunning landscapes, quaint streets, and welcoming atmosphere, Hermanus offers a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Whale Watching Extravaganza

One of the highlights of the Cape Town Hermanus Explorer Tour is the chance to witness the majestic Southern Right Whales in their natural habitat. Every year, these magnificent creatures migrate from the icy waters of Antarctica to the sheltered bays of South Africa to calve and nurse their young. From June to November, Hermanus becomes a bustling hub of whale activity, offering visitors a front-row seat to this incredible spectacle.

Scenic Coastal Drive

Embark on a scenic coastal drive from Cape Town to Hermanus, taking in breathtaking views of the rugged coastline, pristine beaches, and dramatic cliffs along the way. Our comfortable tour buses provide the perfect vantage point to soak in the beauty of the journey, ensuring that every moment is memorable.

Exploring Hermanus

Upon arrival in Hermanus, you'll have the opportunity to explore this charming town at your own pace. Stroll along the scenic Cliff Path, which offers panoramic views of the ocean and excellent whale watching opportunities from land. Visit the Old Harbour Museum to learn about Hermanus' rich maritime history and the fascinating world of whaling.

Optional Activities

For those seeking a more immersive experience, optional activities such as boat-based whale watching tours and shark cage diving are available (subject to availability and additional cost). Get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Cape Town Hermanus Explorer Tour offers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of Hermanus, a coastal gem that captivates visitors with its natural charm and abundant marine life. Whether you're a nature lover, adventure seeker, or simply looking for a relaxing getaway, this tour has something for everyone. Book your adventure today and embark on a journey you'll never forget. Discover the magic of Hermanus and its whales with City Sightseeing Cape Town. Book your tour now! here