Baby Rhino Love at Aquila Private Game Reserve

February 2020

Visitors to the Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa might be in for a beautiful safari surprise with the possible sighting of a new rhino calf at the reserve. The anti-poaching unit started their Valentine’s Day with the most beautiful bundle of love as they sighted the calf with its mother on the reserve this morning (14 February 2020).

Pic : Aquila Game Reserve

Aquila is proud to have been able to bring the first rhino to the Western Cape in 250 years and in February 2005, the reserve announced the birth of the first rhino in the Western Cape in 250 years. 15 years later, the reserve conservation teams are absolutely delighted to once again be able to confirm the birth of another baby rhino on the 10 000 hectare Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa – situated just under two hours from Cape Town.

During a 2011 poaching incident, three of Aquila’s rhinos were attacked. The teams were able to save one of the three rhinos and one was already dead when discovered. The other rhino survived for 5 days before succumbing to its injuries. The reserve was left with no male rhino bulls to continue its breeding programme.

In May 2014, Aquila acquired a new male rhino bull to continue its breeding programme at the reserve. The new rhino bull was purchased from the Limpopo area after his owners discovered signs of the rhino being tracked.

Pic : Aquila Game Reserve

At the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, Aquila was proud to announce the births of 4 rhino calves at the reserve.

This Valentine’s Day birth is once again a proud moment for the conservation teams at this world renowned Cape Town Big 5 private game reserve – as they continue to conserve, protect and preserve these species for future generations.