Stop 2: The Clock Tower

Getting There

Clock Tower Precinct, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Contact Details

+27 (0)21 416 6230

Operating Hours

Open daily: 9am-4pm Festive season: 
Fri-Sun: 9am-7pm
Mon-Thurs: 9am-4pm 

Stop Information

1 hour (recommended time to explore this stop)

Free entry

20% off on entry to the Chavonnes Battery Museum

Things to see and do at the Clock Tower

Visit a symbol of Cape Town’s seafaring history

The Victorian Gothic-style Clock Tower is an icon of the old Cape Town harbour. It was the original Port Captain's Office built in 1882. The pointed Gothic windows surrounds the structure with a clock, imported from Edinburgh, as a main feature. The red walls are the same colour as they were in the 1800's, having been carefully matched to scrapings of the original paint.

Learn about naval history at the Chavonnes Battery Museum

Learn about the history of the capital city from more than 300 years ago at Chavonnes Battery Museum. Set up in a battery fort, the museum offers insight for both young and old alike set up in an engaging way. You'll be able to see the excavation work of the fortifications, including a magic carpet and a wishing well. Observe the loading and firing of a cannon, or shoot it yourself!

Go to Robben Island from the nearby Nelson Mandela Gateway

Robben Island is famous, or rather infamous, as the holding place for the imprisoned Nelson Mandela. Mandela served 18 of his 27 years in prison incarcerated on the island’s prison, but Robben Island has also housed a hospital, mental institution, leper colony and military base during its rich history. Robben Island, the unique symbol of “the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, suffering and injustice” with a rich 500 year old multi-layered history, is visited every year by thousands of people eager to understand and honour the important aspects of South Africa’s history that the Island represents.

How much time do I need?

It is recommended to spend at least one hour at the Clock Tower. If you are planning to visit Robben Island, please note that the tour takes about four hours (Plan and get your tickets in advance!)

How much does it cost?

Your red bus ticket gives you a 20% discount to the Chavonnes Battery Museum and can be bought on the day. It is recommended to buy your tickets to Robben Island in advance, especially over festive periods.