Meet our Mandela Day heroes!

03 August 2017

For Nelson Mandela International Day (Mandela Day) on 18 July, City Sightseeing decided to run an innovative giveaway that allowed others to pay it forward in true “Madiba style”.

There were 67 sets of one-day double tickets up for grabs and we invited people to nominate someone they felt deserved an amazing day out. Nominations were open for that special friend who needed a break; the family down the road who had not been on holiday in years; or even Granny who would love a trip around the city with her friends.

We received a total of 180  entries, filled with amazing stories of local everyday heroes. The winners were contacted earlier this week via email, with their double tickets enclosed.

Meet a few of our Mandela Day heroes:

  • Marion Lewin, nominated by Carmen Lewin:

“I nominate my mom Marion Lewin for all the years she sacrificed working as a nurse. Today as a retired senior she still goes out of her way to help the people in the community. She buys toiletries and food and donates it to the needy. She has never been on the red bus and I’m sure she would enjoy a day out exploring the Cape. Thank you, mom, for all the sacrifices you made and are still making to help make your fellow man’s life a little easier. I love you, mom!”

  • John Leonard, nominated by Mandi April:

“Oom Jannie, as he known to us, is the founding member of our Christmas Band called Norwood Crusaders based in Elsies River. Next year the band will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. Over the years, Oom Jannie has also made very valuable contributions towards the Christmas Choir fraternity in the Western Cape. He is an integral part of our band and until today is still an active musician and plays the tenor saxophone. He is 72 years old and still gives the younger generation a run for their money when it comes to mastering his instrument. The conductor always says that without Oom Jannie the tenors cannot play. He also plays a father figure to many in the band and we have the utmost respect for this man. Really hope he gets this opportunity to go on the City Sightseeing bus.”

  • Jovan Brad Fredericks, nominated by Jayshree Periasawmy:

“Jovan gives his all, selflessly, every day to the children he works with. He is a sports coordinator who uses sport to foster change, hope, love and teamwork and to build character in children. His hard work and love can be reflected by the many birthday cards he gets from the kids on his birthday. Nothing makes him happier than knowing he is making a change, no matter how small.”

  • Halima McKrie, nominated by Tasquia Shaik:

“She is a super hard-working, work-from-home mom with a heart of gold. She doesn't know the meaning of the word rest! She is always busy and always happy to assist in any way she can. I think she could do with some fun in her life.”

  • Carmen Doyle, nominated by Lynne Doyle:

“She’s always there whenever we need her and she’s been the ROCK of our family since our dad passed away eight years ago.”

  • Byron Daniel, nominated by Melissa Govender:

“He has never been around the city and is always working to provide for his family. He never spends any money on himself. He deserves a day out of the usual hustle and bustle.”

  • Jameelah Williams, nominated by Mogamad-Noer Amardien:

“She is a police constable and working so much overtime to provide for her husband and child. She is a strong independent woman who I believe will definitely appreciate this outing as she doesn’t often get the time to go out.”

To all our winners, thank you so much for the hard work you do within your families and communities. We hope you have an amazing day out on the red bus!