Five things to consider when planning a trip to Cape Town

20 September 2016

When planning your holiday to Cape Town, it is important to bear in mind the basics to ensure a holiday with no unwanted surprises. Here are our top tips to consider when visiting the Mother City:

1. Pack for the Cape weather

Cape Town weather can be unpredictable – it could be sunny in the morning but pouring with rain by the afternoon, so be prepared.  Although Cape Town gets most of its rain in winter (June to August) and the days are generally cold during these months, glorious sunny days are not uncommon. In summer, the days are generally warm (and often very hot in January and February), but as soon as the infamous South Easter picks up in the evening you will want to put on something warm. To live like a local during your stay and without any wardrobe regrets,  a make sure you carry a jacket or raincoat.

Sun hats are always a must for visiting Cape Town (Image: City Sightseeing.)

2. Know how much bang you’ll get for your buck

The South African rand represents excellent value for many international visitors, but that doesn’t mean everything is cheap. Always bear in mind the exchange rate to be sure you don’t break the bank. Roadside craft traders will often negotiate on their price – decide how much you would like to spend and try to stick to that. Bargaining is not common at formal markets and certainly not in shops.

Browse the local markets for great souvenirs (Image: City Sightseeing.)

3. Make the most of the many attractions on offer

Whether you are visiting Cape Town for a foodie getaway, adrenalin fix or family holiday, the city will cater to all your needs. Did you know that Cape Town has scooped the best city award in the 2015-16 Telegraph Travel Awards for the fourth year straight? The City Sightseeing red bus provides a great introduction to the city and surrounds, allowing you to hop on and off at different attractions. Also, there is a Travel Depot in the heart of the city where you can get help from tourism providers to plan your dream holiday.

See all the iconic sights Cape Town has to offer (Image: City Sightseeing.)

4. How to get around Cape Town’s tourist sites

Cape Town is user-friendly when it comes to transport. The City Sightseeing red bus is, of course, the best way to get to Table Mountain and other iconic attractions. You have the option of buying one- or two-day tours. Walking is a good and safe option during daylight hours in the city bowl, and at the V&A Waterfront and beach promenades. As in any big city, avoid isolated or dark areas and don’t conspicuously carry valuables. Some great walking tours are available year-round.

The City Sightseeing red bus is a great transport option to get around Cape Town efficiently (Image: City Sightseeing.)

5. Make some local friends

South Africans have a reputation for being warm and approachable and Cape Town is a very friendly city.  Wherever you go, you are likely to be welcomed with broad smiles and banter. Do engage with the locals – you might make some new friends.

Chat to friendly locals (Image: City Sightseeing.)

Top travel tip:

Hop on the City Sightseeing red bus for the best way to experience Cape Town. Tickets cost R90 for kids and teenagers up to 17 and R190 for adults, with a special discount if you buy online.

Buy tickets here.