Amiti design collective joins Travel Depot

27 June 2016

For a while now the Travel Depot has been offering its visitors easy access to top tourist destinations and activities in and around Cape Town. And now it has more to offer.

Amiti is a contemporary South African design collective that opened its doors at the Travel Depot (STOP 5 at 81 Long Street) this week.

Visitors can now do more at the Travel Depot than buy tickets for activities around the city, grab a cup of coffee or charge their mobile phones – they can also indulge in a little bit a retail therapy at Amiti while waiting for their next adventure.

“Amiti means friendship and peace, and through this collective we hope to showcase how we live, laugh and celebrate our unique Southern African identity. It is a collective that represents our diversity and unites us in our creative expression,” says City Sightseeing sales and marketing manager Mandi Jarman.

The collective is made up of independent designers from all over the country selling proudly South African products. The stalls will change every now and then, so there will always be something new to purchase. The aim is to promote the country’s diversity and give visitors a chance to take a little bit of South Africa home with them.

“We have been working very hard behind the scenes and now we are finally open for business, showcasing the work of local designers. What you can expect to find from the stalls are products such as jewellery, leather goods, baby toys, kitchen appliances, clothing and so much more,” says Jarman.