First bus operator in South Africa to be certified carbon neutral

We’re environmentally and community conscious, and have been awarded for our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

We use recyclable material, are fuel-efficient and recycle our waste.

We have also made great progress in 'greening' the rest of our business. We have adopted the latest available methods and technology to reduce noise pollution as well as energy and water consumption.

We invest in entrepreneurial development by reselling products and souvenirs at our kiosks, like the wire-beaded buses made by local craftsmen.

Following an independent carbon audit conducted by Global Carbon Exchange (GCX), a leading strategic sustainability consultancy, we purchased carbon credits from Cape Town-based compost company Reliance to offset our remaining carbon emissions. As a result, we have been officially declared carbon neutral.

We deliver on environmental assurance standards through strategic environmental initiatives:

  • All vehicles used on our hop-on, hop-off circuit comply with Euro 4 emission standards for emissions and environmental impact
  • Noise is managed by the introduction of a multi-lingual system via earphones
  • Goods are purchased in bulk, where possible, to reduce the amount of packaging and subsequent waste
  • Care is being taken to advise suppliers and associates of the environmental position of the business

City Sightseeing South Africa has undertaken to improve the environmental, social and economic performance of our business to embrace the concept of sustainability.

This is the core value of our corporate environmental responsibility.